Practical Completion Inspection

A practical completion inspection is often refered to as a ‘PCI’ or ‘Builders Walk Through’ this is the stage of constrction where the Builder advises that your new home has reach the stage of being practically completed. Tyically the Builder will nomimate a day and time to meet on site where they will explain aspect of the home perhaps point out some defects they are aware of and then ask you to sign a Practical Completion Certificate. It is recommended that you engage an experienced independent building inspection who has a keen eye for detail. The majority of our clients who have engaged our services are often surprised by the significant number of defects that we identify and include within our reports. As an example, after one of our clients received our building report they sent us the following email ‘I’m very disgusted at how much is actually wrong with the house and would like to thank you once again for picking these things up, as for handing the report back to my builder obviously 10 days isn’t enough to rectify 123 items’. Interestingly, just prior to our appointment the Builders supervisor in charge of this home had suggested to the client that it was a waste of money in them appointing an independent building inspector.

We will inspect your new home at the same time as the Builder has advise the home has reached practical completion and provide you with a comprehensive typed individual building report, which will be fully described and worded in simple language which you can forward to the Builder. We suggest that you have written onto the Builders Practical Completion Certificate ‘Our independent building inspectors PCI report forms part of the Practial Completion Certificate’. 

Single Storey Homes $445 fixed price and includes GST.

Two Storey Homes $495 fixed price and includes GST.

Note: Fixed pricing based on typical project builder styled homes. Refer to our Price List page.

Above: Example of Non-Compliance and Potenial Fire Risk (No protective guard seperating downlight from insulation).