The price of our inspections is much less than our competitors and we include more usable content within our reports. We encourage you to compare our fixed price, comprehensive typed report (not a tick box or hand written report like the others), and our fast turnaround times. 

We do not request any payment prior to or at the time of inspection. A tax invoice will be emailed to you once both the onsite inspection and typed building inspection report is complete. Payment can then be made via direct deposit or by prior arrangement. 

Our prices are inclusive of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and are fixed prices. 

Details and inclusions of each type of inspection can be viewed at our Inspection Types Explained page and our Termite Inspection page. 


Pre-Purchase Fully Comprehensive Inspection  (excludes homes with Keystart finance)

$295 single storey. 

$345 two storey. 


Keystart Finance Contracts 

$390 single storey homes (Keystart loans require a specific format for these building reports). 


Termite Inspections 

$165 single or two storey homes.


Practical Completion Inspections (fully comprehensive - new homes) 

$495 single storey. 

$495 two storey. 


Under Construction Inspections  

Slab, brickwork, roof frame, roof cover and lock-up, etc.

For fixed pricing please email your  homes plans to [email protected] or call us to discuss on 0409 906 688


Builder Defect Liability Inspections  

$345 single storey. 

$395 two storey. 


Specific Need Inspection 

Free for all over the phone or email advice. 

$185 On-site inspection including a detailed typed building report (most specific inspections are $185 however we need to understand your requirements in detail to confirm pricing, please call us to discuss on 0409 906 688. 


*Quotations are only required for commercial buildings, homes with a contract value of over $800,000 or progress claim inspections for homes under construction. See our Contact Us page.