Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-purchase inspections are for established homes, you may or may not have yet signed a sales agreement to purchase. If you havent we suggest you add a condition to the contract worded similar to ‘subject to a comprehsive building inspection carried out by the purchasers selected building inspector and that no structual defects or extensive non-structual defects or extensive or serious non-structual items being detected’. This will then enable you to have more scope with regarding to what the Vendor (seller) may need to complete at their cost. 

Each real estate agency may have a prefered building inspection annexure, such as the ‘REIWA pre-purchase structual inspection condition annexure’ or the agency may have one of their own. These annexures generally only allow for the inclusion of structual defects only, that is where the intended structual perfomace of a building element has deviated from its intended structual perfomance where rectification has to be carried out to avoid unsafe conditions, loss of utility or further deterioration of the building structure. 

Our recommondation is that you, the soon to be new homeowner of the property have a fully comprehensive overview of the property, as such we provide you will two building reports, the first to include and certify the structural integrity of the home and the second to include plumbing, electrical, compliance including legislative changes, such as the type and age of smoke detecotors, RCD safety switches and also report on maintenance related items. This provides you as the new homeowner a complete overview of the entire property. 


Single Storey Homes $295 fixed price and includes GST.

Two Storey Homes $345 fixed price and includes GST.

Fixed pricing is based on brick homes with an expected sales price of $800,000 or less. Refer to our Price List page. 

Note: Keystart loans require a different type of building report – add $95.

Above: Example - Lack of Structual Integrity (Corroded and incorrectly attached holding down straps, potential for the roof to uplift from wind).