The greater majority of persons who have entrusted a builder to construct their new home do not engage an independent building inspector until they or one of their friends notice a defect and then get a negative response from the builder. It is suggested that an independenat experienced building inspector who will work in your best interests provide you with a comprehensive typed individual building report at critical stages of the home's construction. 

Each home is different and rather than spend more money than necessary on an often unnecessary inspection stage report we request that you email us your building plans (your builder will be able to provide you with an electronic copy) and at no cost or obligation we will assess the homes design, construction materials, the site and expected engineering and then recommend which inspections are ideal for your individual home and provide fixed pricing for each inspection. 

Typically for most homes the recommended inspections include Plate Height (completion of brickwork) and Roof Frame followed by a Practical Completion Inspection or some of our clients prefer to have an inspection at each progress claim stage to coincide with the building contract.

​We suggest that you advise your Builder via email or in writing that you have appointed an independent building inspector to carry out periodical building inspection on your behalf (if your builder sends you any documentation to sign regarding your appointment of a building inspector, our advice is NOT to sign anything and to first contact ourselves to discuss, as some builders try to have clients sign, which will restrict timing and inclusions within the building report, which is not in your best interests).

Each inspection details all works performed at the time of inspection and the individual building report is fully described and worded in simple language which you can then forward onto the Builder. 

For further details contact us today or ring our senior inspector direct or email your house plans to [email protected] for your obligation free assessment and quotation.

Building Defects

This is an example of non-compliant Brickwork (Incorrectly bonded brickwork).

For many examples of common (and not so common) building defects that we find during our inspections, please visit our blogs page.

Building Inspection Defect