Specific Need Inspection

Whether you’re a homeowner or a professional property manager from time to time concerns and questions arise that relate to buildings or the impact that works on surrounding properties may have on your home or office. 

You may be considering remodelling a home and want to know if a wall or peir can be removed and if so, does this affect support to the roof above or you may have noticed cracking throught the home or it appears that a section of the ceiling is sagging. 

Whatever your query or concern, we suggest you contact us or call our senior inspector on 0409 906 688 or email buildinghelpline@wn.com.au and we will provide you with free advice. 

If an on-site inspection is requested a detailed typed building report will also be provided, the cost of these inspections is $185.

Above: Example of Concern (Corrosion and surface cracking surrounding upper balcony balustrade).